Monthly Review – June

Monthly Review



The past three months have probably been the busiest and craziest months of my life. Grad school, planning a wedding…neither of those have anything on putting out a book. But it’s done (finally)! We had the launch party on June 30th and had a blast. And now we’re hard at work marketing book one and working on book two, which we’ve set to come out on September 8th.


A Girl with a Bow is the first in the series. It’s a snappy introduction to the overall series plot. Despite the abundant violence, this one has a sense of innocence and naivete about it that the others don’t really have. It’s meant to be a quick, fun read, but the series gets much darker and more mature as the story progresses.

For anyone interested in cover design, interior formatting, editing, or marketing help, Havenwood Press will be offering services starting this month. We don’t have the website done yet, but we can be reached through my website or my husband’s.


I didn’t do any writing last month as I was finishing up my proofs of A Girl with a Bow. I quit my job to write full-time two months ago, but I haven’t actually done any writing in that time! It’s all been proofreading, marketing, administrative stuff…Eventually, I’ll get to write again.


I didn’t get to read much last month either. I did finally finish A Court of Mist and Fury and Shadow and Bone. At some point, I’ll start doing my reviews. At some point. When there’s time. If there’s ever time…

July Goals

I’m teaching a creative writing presentation for my husband’s old homeschool group on July 31st, so I’ve got to start working on that. We also have a book fair on July 10, and we’re planning a signing in my hometown. I’m also beta reading a friend’s manuscript. My big goal for this month, though, is to have A Girl Becomes Legend fully edited and proofed by August 8th, so it will be another busy month!







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