Monthly Review – May

Monthly Review

Well, it’s been a while. May was a rough, rough month, which is a shame since it’s usually my favorite. It started when my insurance company decided they would no longer pay for one of my medications and instead want me to pay $1000 a month.  While I was dealing with this, I had a really stressful time at work as it was finals and the educational resource department’s busiest season and stressed because we’re putting out my book June 30 and are trying to get a lot done. Also during this time, I thought I was pregnant, which could have been really dangerous because of the medication I’m on. Turns out…it was just the extreme stress I was under.

But now, things are finally calming down. My insurance company refuses to pay for my medication, but my husband and I have decided to try to have a baby on purpose (eek!), which means I have to go off that med anyway. I turned thirty (another eek!), and I quit my job. I really loved it, but I was working on my projects nights and weekends and was ending up putting in twelve-hour days just to get my personal projects done – a huge contributing factor to the stress.

Besides the need to work on my work more (we’re attempting to put out seven books in less than two years), the other reason we decided for me to quit was so that my husband and I could get our new business – Havenwood Press, an author services company – off the ground. We’ll be full-service, using my professional editing experience and my husband’s design and marketing expertise to offer editing and proofreading, interior formatting, cover design, and marketing.

So, in the midst of all the crazy, here’s what I was up to in May:


Wrote 3,021 words for “Thistle Sunbeam and the Hero of Flemington,” a short story extra for A Girl with a Bow (Book 1) readers.

Wrote 2,574 words for “The Ranger,” a short story extra for A Girl Becomes Legend (Book 2) readers.

Wrote 3,020 for Mara Stormwind, a novella I finished October 2016 and am revisiting


Finished final edit for A Girl with a Bow and finished final proofread.

Worked on editing third draft of A Girl Becomes Legend.


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

*I’m excited to say I’m going to start doing reviews of the books I’m reading. I’ll post them Mondays (and Wednesdays if I have two to complete a week). Now that my weekends are mostly free as I’m trying to keep my work to weekdays, I should have more time to read again.


Finished interior design and formatting for A Girl with a Bow

Worked on development for the story I started last November for NaNoWriMo. I plan to turn this idea into a trilogy (adult historical fantasy). I’ll probably work on development for about a year as a finish the A Girl with a Bow series and rework Mara Stormwind.


So, here’s hoping June is a much calmer, smoother month than the one we just finished!



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