Adventures in Social Media

Untitled design

I’m not quite thirty (6 weeks to go!), but I am so far behind in the technological/social media world. It’s really quite ridiculous. (Don’t laugh. I spent five years as a living history interpreter. My days were filled with candlemaking, hand sewing, and cooking over a fire. What would you expect? P.S. It was awesome.) But I’m trying to learn how all these platforms and gadgets work.

My husband, bless his heart, is so patient (for the most part), and I do listen when he talks about all this stuff. But sometimes, my independence and impatience cause me to do things I don’t know how to do. And that’s how I break Twitter (not all of Twitter, just my Twitter).

But like I said, I’m learning. For the past year, I’ve been learning how to create websites in Joomla. I love it! And I figured out how to set up my Twitter and not cause the app to shut down my account. And I figured out how to set up a Facebook page. And I discovered Canva! (My husband – a graphic designer – turns up his nose at it, but he admitted I made some good stuff.)

So, check out my new social media thingymabobs. I’d love to connect with you there too! I’ll be doing some fun contests and giveaways soon!




How technologically-savvy are you? Do you have Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter – add a link here so I can follow you!










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